Translate the Secret Garden Experience and the Protocol in your own Language...

USA, United Kingdom, Italy and Spain were the countries who suffered more for the impact of the Coronavirus. However, many other countries are now living the same experience. If you want to have the Secret Garden in your own language you need:

  • To translate the English script (see below) of the video in your own language;

  • To translate the English description of the protocol in your own language;

  • To ask a professional speaker for reading it. Then record the voice in an audio format (i.e. Mp3). The duration has to match the one of the original English video: 10.41

  • Send the audio file and the translation of the protocol to us: giuseppe.riva @

  • Full credit will be given to the translator and to the speaker.

Script of the Video (English Version)

This script has been developed by Become-Hub psychologists and psychotherapists.

Look what’s appearing in front of you, as you realize you’re in a garden, in a secret place, full of peace, silence, and tranquillity.

You wonder whether you know this place.

Let your attention focus on your breathing, and when you breathe out, and the air leaves your body, and you’re ready to take your next breath, look at the butterflies, that fly freely in the air, light, carefree, landing on the brightly-coloured flowers.

And along with each movement, that you can perceive around you, or that you don’t notice, let your state of peace, and tranquillity, increase more and more, until it reaches, that depth, that allows you to enter, a new, different, dimension, you can plunge into, and find those aspects that belong to you, that make you perceive , that your body is changing,

And while you’re concentrating on the air coming into, and going out of your body, and you feel the flow of air, coming in, and filling up your lungs, expanding your chest, and then coming out of your body, you may notice there’s a small pond, and some waterlilies, floating on the water.

And you can imagine a light breeze, gently caressing the surface of the pond, and making small circles in the water, that grow timidly around the waterlilies, and then disappear, slowly, with the water returning to its original state of rest, while you continue surrendering yourself , to that state of wellbeing, more and more , realising you now possess it.

And there are lots of situations, and lots of places, where you can imagine you have felt yourself profoundly relaxed, where nothing mattered to you, except feeling at ease.

And while you remember these feelings, these sensations, you can let relaxation become part of your body, involving all your muscles, your cells, your essence.

And you continue to breathe, while your body is changing, and letting itself go still more profoundly, allowing the relaxation to become part of you, and allowing you, to become part of this relaxation. And you may let your thoughts roam, lighter and lighter, and getting further and further away.

You can let your mind, lie down in a corner, resting for few moments.

And while your body is becoming heavier and heavier, you can see some stones, round, concentric, in perfect equilibrium one on top of the other.

And while you breathe, and your awareness expands more and more, you can relax even more profoundly, imagining that you are merging with your wellbeing, and coming more and more in contact with your serenity.

And you can go down inside yourself even more profoundly, until you reach the point where you can perfectly enjoy this dimension of calm, tranquillity, safety.

And while you realise that you have forgotten your body, and are floating freely, in time, and in space, a bamboo door, as if following your imagination, slowly opens in front of you, and gives you access to an enchanted, magical, wonderful place.

And you let yourself be welcomed, gently, delicately, wherever you wish, enjoying this experience, and relaxing more and more, while the petals of the blooming cherry trees , flutter before you in the air, caressed by a light breeze, allowing your body, to feel the stillness, in each of your cells, right down to the depths of your essence.

And you may imagine you are feeling more and more relaxed, more and more serene, while new air enters your lungs, with each breath, and allows you to relax, even more profoundly, and to reach a more and more intense wellbeing.

And while the relaxation is more and more profound, you may understand that you have reached, something important, for your interior peace, for your future.

And you can allow this new awareness, to remain inside you, it blends in with the heart of your very essence, and accompanies you, wherever you go, along your path, one step at a time, with calm, tranquillity, lightness, and serenity.